About Me

About Me

The short version

Welcome to Work From Home Bank. I am Sam Chen, Founder of Work from Home Bank.  A bank is a place that people can deposit and withdrawal money. I chose this domain name because I wanted the website to be a bank to store all of my “work from home” knowledge, and you can acquire the knowledge from it.

I worked from home after my daily job first, and now I am working full-time from home. Through the whole journey, I gained a lot of experience. The whole process was not easy because I am from a small city in China. I am not well-connected and not good at networking. However, I changed my life, and I am living in Thailand with my family. Now I decided to share all I know on this website and hope that helps!

The long version

In this part, I will introduce my experience in detail. I believe that if you finish reading, you can be inspired and gain some experience, so let’s begin.

An introverted young man

I was born in a small city in China, and I live there most of the time. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of English Language in 2005, I did several foreign trade jobs in other cities. Those jobs required good negotiation and presentation skills, and I was introverted and ineloquent. So I quit my job and went back to my hometown after half a year. In 2016, I found a temporary employee job in a local government department. It’s an easy job, so long as you get on with it and don’t worry about getting fired. I clearly remember that my monthly salary was only 1300 RMB (about 200 US dollars). This salary makes me very frustrated. I couldn’t afford to buy an apartment or a car, and it was hard for me to find a girlfriend. So I secretly made up my mind to change this situation.

Tried and failed

First of all, I set my sights on online shopping. At that time, online shopping just started, and it is easier to make money than it is now. For example, you could make money by reselling T-shirts from local flea markets, which is no longer possible. Now if you want to make money by selling T-shirts. You have to hire a designer and find OEM to get an edge on T-shirt styles and costs.